Cycle Oregon- Pendleton Round-Up 2018

Welcome Cycle Oregon!
We are happy to have you back at the Pendleton Round-Up & Happy Canyon!

We have some special prices and bundles just for you and we hope that you have a great time!

Purchasing tickets:

Tickets have been saved for your group. Round-Up tickets are in sections U-Z of the West Grandstands. Happy Canyon tickets are saved in Rows 10-30 of section 1 for Wednesday and section 3 for Thursday.

You cannot combine bundles and al carte tickets in the same basket purchase. You can make two seperate purchases or purchase one or the other. 



1114 SW Court Ave. Pendleton, OR 97801   -   Phone: (541) 276-2553   -   Toll free: 1-800-45-RODEO (800-457-6336)
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